LIES LIES LIES I LOOK AT IT. Actually I happened to look on it for the first time in probs like 6 months but then saw that coincidentally you guys posted TODAY. So way to go on being on the same brain waves.

I finished my semester with a 4.0 YEAH STUPID COLLEGE. I’m about to head off to Venezuela for a week to sing at this random music festival with 3 other singers and the conductor of the Contemporary Music Ensemble who has loved me since she realized I could actually read music unlike some other people at this school. Apparently Caracas is in shambles and we’ve been instructed to bring no jewelry or electronics and to have ready a decoy wallet in case we got robbed. Although we apparently are going to have an escort everywhere we go and are staying in a 5star hotel. In conclusion: this is going to be the best. trip. ever. Hopefully I’ll return from it.

After that, I’ll be in B-town for the rest of the summer workin at my country club and taking a class on vocal repertoire. I will be doing my masters recital at the end of July if anyone wants to make a trip out here 🙂 I wish SO MUCH I could come back to the UK to see you Kate but I don’t think it’s going to happen 😦 BOOOOOOO.

OH! Also I got a role in IU’s production of “Little Women” which will be in October so I’m excited about that. It was written by Mark Adamo…did you know he’s married to John Corigliano who wrote “Ghosts of Versailles”? FYI bitches. Loves you