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  • David 5:10 pm on July 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Remember Jackie’s July 4th party last year?

    Yeah, me neither.

    • Kate 5:27 pm on July 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I remember that better than New Year’s, I’ll tell you that much.

    • thoi trang 4:30 pm on April 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

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  • John 1:18 pm on December 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    It’s like she’s singing AT one of our parties!


    • David 4:58 pm on December 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply


      • Jackie 2:47 pm on December 3, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        LOLOLOLOL that’s hilar.

  • Jackie 10:49 pm on June 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    So yesterday I bought a cheap dining set for my kitchen from Walmart that includes 4 iron chairs and a glass table. It came in a long flat box that implied I had to put everything together. I opened the box in my garage and literally EVERYTHING was in pieces. It took me three hours to put them all together. How did I manage to find the patience to complete this tedious task? Duh. By listening to the D4 party mix….specifically the latest “On a Boat” mix. And I think I laughed EVERY time the song changed, because as the mix progressed I imagined how our party would have progressed had we actually been having one:

    1. Blame it – Jamie Foxx
    What I’m doing: taking plastic wrap off of chair legs
    What I’m imagining: Caitlin and David make the punch…Kate and I are putting on make-up….John is either not there or running in with Liz with leftover Italian food.

    10. Right Here’s the Spot – Fredde Le Grande
    What I’m doing: Screwing the seat onto chair number 2
    What I’m imagining: Kate’s had about 3 martinis and is now singing by herself in the common room…still no guests. I’m making a sandwich so I don’t vom when I drink later. Caitlin’s turn to get dressed/put make-up…maybe some creepy random kid is following her around because he doesn’t realize that the party start time is supposed to be an hour and a half late.

    19. Bring ’em out – T.I.
    What I’m doing: Looking for effing pliers because I can’t get the goddamn chair backs separated from each other.
    What I’m imagining: About 12 people in attendance…I’m def tipsy…I have to find Caitlin to scream “MIKE CHECK 1 2 1 2”, David’s had 3 glasses of punch, John’s MIA.

    38. Lip Gloss – Lil Mama
    What I’m imagining: 35 people in attendance…Zach Mark has taken 2 albums worth of photos already. I’m screaming lyrics in Jon Roth’s face. Oh there goes Kate falling down the stairs. John’s in the kitchen doing tequila shots with Tessa. David’s hitting on a freshman.

    45. Toxic – Britney Spears
    What I’m doing: I screwed the left leg on the right side. shit. and I used the wrong screws. double shit.
    What I’m imagining: 50 people in attendance…gangster poses to the left and right… HOLY SHIT THERE’S ANTHONY PARKS POINT POINT POINT. Rum and diet coke spilled down my dress, making out with nick hebert…caitlin’s dancing on the couch. Alex McCoy comes with Alex McCoy clones.  Ali Ross and Emily Dake show up in utterly ridiculously awesome costumes. Peter Ludlow has PBR in every pocket in his jeans.

    52. Poker Face – Lady GaGa
    What I’m doing: chairs together and sitable…onto the table.
    What I’m imagining: 60 people in attendance…Gail shows up and proceeds to eat 17 jello shots. Christine’s had 5 glasses of wine and is stuck in the corner of the kitchen with 6 underclassmen asking her awkward questions. zach takes impromptu d4 picture where caitlin is looking in the wrong direction. I’m triple fisting with R&DC, BL, and JS.  More tequila shots.  “I added more punch to even out the vodka and punch.” – Nick’s drunk logic.  Boys making out in the corner, freshman choir posse is all on the dance floor, LADY GAGA DOESNT WEAR PANTSBOOZEMUSICNOPANTSCREEPYRMPPOKERFACE……(black out)

    This was the point at which I had finished my table and chairs, and also probably the point at which I would have more or less blacked out, but just for fun, I think I’ll continue:

    65. Paper Planes – MIA
    What I’m imagining: People have emptied out a bit. Errbody does the paper plane dance. The rest of D2 shows up…except for Georg cuz he’s tooley mctoolerson.  Gail wanders home, after napping in my bed for 15 minutes.

    86. Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard
    What I’m imagining: Stripper lamp. that’s it.

    101 (or 55). Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega
    What I’m imagining: About 10 people left…we had to skip around and find some songs we wanted to listen to again. John and Kate are down and out.

    117. Cotton Eyed Joe – Rednex
    People left: Caitlin and me must end the night with CEJ. The decorations are ruined, there are at least 4 new stains on the rug, glasses have been thrown, heels kicked off. The only things left to do are make late night quesadillas, steal some lawn furniture, shut off the lights and pass the fuck out for 10 hours only to wake up to drink water and have gossip hour.  Welcome to AA Sunday.

    Well that was quite the lengthy post.  I don’t necessarily have to miss D4 (even though I do), since I just live in my own AU of D4 anyway…maybe someone will write fanfiction about us someday.

    Get ready for the 4th of July.

    • Kate 2:00 am on June 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      #38 is GOLDEN.

    • David 12:34 pm on June 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Hey now…I’ve moved onto sophomores…although I guess they’ll be juniors next year…

    • Caitlin 9:21 pm on June 24, 2009 Permalink | Reply


      So accurate! Sooo accurate! I can totes see all of that in my head.

      …except you left out any parts about black out drunk D2 adventures.

  • John 1:46 pm on May 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: boat, Party, senior week   

    The time has come.  As the year ends and our house’s alcohol supply dwindles, it comes time for a final forray into the world of debauchery.  And for those who aren’t allowed or inclined to be on the booze cruise tonight, we offer an alternative: The On A Boat Party, courtesy of D4.  Come by tonight, smooze, drink, laugh, and drink one last time.

    Incidentally, click on to see the first image that Google Images (with Moderate Safe Search) offers when you search for “on a boat.”  [NOT AT ALL SAFE FOR WORK.]

    (More …)

  • Kate 4:03 pm on May 10, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Well, I think we can say that Operation Bad Life Decisions was a success…by which I mean I can’t remember most of it. But Caitlin climbed a tree, apparently, and there was a party outside with our epic neighbors from D2 (which I was not aware of), and the fire department swarmed our block but never came into the house, because we have that kind of good fortune. Clearly, God smiles down upon our awesomeness.

    …But then punishes us with injuries, seeing how I woke up with a giant wound on my foot, Jackie’s walking with a limp, Caitlin has scrapes and bruises, and David and John…may have escaped unscathed. Those bastards.


    -stealing furniture
    -retarded visits to D2
    -ordering boys to fight
    -climbing trees in heels
    -managing to not projectile vom
    -eating Alex’s pizza

    All of which your humble reporter was not aware of until today. My liver is crying for revenge.

    Until next time!

    • skelts 11:54 am on May 11, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      ahahahahhhhahahahah this is fantastic. well played. side note: i’m glad AA sunday is over.

      love, skelts

  • Jackie 8:16 am on May 4, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bad life decisions, Badass playlist, Binge drinking, , Party   


    Enough said.

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