As mentioned in a TFLN (and yes, this is two days too late), the amount of Guinness you are supposed to use in an Irish car bomb is just enough so that when you drop the shot glass in, the shot glass is just barely submerged.


One of the other interns here is “Irish” (in the sense that she’s very Catholic and at some point in her geneology, someone lived in Ireland) and finds the name “Irish car bomb” offensive, alternatively calling it an “Irish surprise” (not sure what’s surprising, I KNOW what’s in it). I find this perplexing – how can she find that offensive when (I’m pretty sure) she’s several generations away from being an actual Irish national and has probably never experienced tragedy at the hands of Irish terrorism before? She says in response that I would probably be offended by a drink called a “9/11,” but I think that’s not a proportional terrorist event. It would be more akin to me, as a Jew, encountering a drink called a “Palestinian rocket.” Yeah, probably not in great taste (and I don’t really know of any liquors or beers unique to the Palestinians – Arabs don’t drink, right?), but you know I would drink that shit anyway.