Dear lovelies,
I’m sorry that I dropped off the face of the Earth for the last few months….what I actually did was go across the pond to the exotic country of Austria…with a bunch of other Americans. Some random things I missed while I was there:

1. Ice
2. cheap liquor
3. my car
4. d4
5. bottled water
6. pedicures
7. air conditioning
8. bbq sauce
9. not living in a dorm
10. my dog

….just to name a few. I did have a fun time there…got better at singing, met lots of American students from all over the country, drank 3 liters of beer in one night…so all in all it was a pleasant experience.

I have now moved into my apartment in Indiana…which is SWEEET. Everyone is really nice here….like to the point where its semi-creepy. Orientation starts tomorrow, where all of the masters students will begin to size each other up (and I will seek out just how many mezzos there are in the program).

Now i know that Kate will be heading to England in the next few weeks so it won’t be possible for her to come visit….but for the rest of you: get your plane tickets and get over here when you need to be reminded of the awesomeness that was college.

I promise now that I’m back that I’ll write more on the blog and be more witty…as for the tags on this….ask me and I’ll tell you about homewrecker! It’s a knee-slapper.